Subscribe - I guess its SUMO rules? NIW. 70 Favourites. The chief judge is positioned inside the ring, whereas the sub referees are located on the outside of the ring, one to the right and others to the left. In traditional life, ssireum was a popular activity on the Korean holiday of Dano, the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, and tournaments are held in the summer and autumn. There are two traditional styles of ssireum: a "right-sided" style predominant in parts of Gyeonggi Province and the Honam region of southern Korea and a "left-side" style favored in the Gyeongsang and Chuncheong provinces. Gak (각:角), a commonly used prefix, seems to have originated from the combative act performed by horned animals such as oxen when competing against one another for the superiority of physical strength. In sumo wresting, it's perfectly fine for practitioners to hit each other. In Korea ssireum is understood to be a national sport developed during the country?s modernization in the early 20th century that has … Ssireum: Stalemate 02. Given the manic following of baseball and soccer in Korea these days, it is difficult to believe that ssireum used to be the most popular sport in Korea as recently as the 1990s. There is a movement to restore this traditional method of grip, in the spirit of maintaining its cultural and traditional roots, but it has met with some resistance as the use of "satba" has become entrenched in the modern form. Physical hits such as slaps and blows are not permitted in Ssireum, though they are in sumo. The traditional prize at a tournament was an ox, a valuable commodity in an agriculturally based society and symbolizing the strength of the contestant[citation needed]. Women wrestle only among themselves but follow the same rules (except that men are topless whereas women wear tops). The first championships were held in September 2008 during the Busan World TreX-Games. It is important to note the differences between Ssireum and sumo. 443 Favourites [COM] Karate and Sumo Mushroom Kat-dom Matchup. Ssireum embodies the Korean cultural spirit of festivals and holidays The earliest records of ssireum in Korea were found on tomb wall paintings of the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B.C.-668 A.D.). Ryusuke "Jack" Uemura is the fighter who performed the first successful gogoplata in mixed martial arts, it occurred in his match against Isao Terada at Zst Grand Prix 2, Final Round, on January 23, 2005. Rather, ssireum practitioners must take down their opponent using grappling techniques. 5 Comments. There are 3 judges, a chief referee and three sub referees. Akebono Tarō (Japanese: 曙 太郎, Hepburn: Akebono Tarō, born Chadwick Haheo Rowan; 8 May 1969) is an American-born Japanese former professional sumo wrestler and professional wrestler from Waimānalo, Hawaii.Joining sumo in Japan in 1988, he was trained by pioneering Hawaiian wrestler Takamiyama and rose swiftly up the rankings, reaching the top division in 1990. The second World Ssireum Championships are set to take place in Siauliai, Lithuania Friday, where a total of 120 wrestlers and 80 representatives and officials from 40 countries will participate in the two-day event, according to the World Ssireum Federation (WSF). Ssireum is a Korean form of grappling. The Pan Chosun Ssireum Federation was founded in 1927. Sri Lanka Ssireum Association May vs Sakura Sumo Wrestling. Let's Examine Korean Wrestling - Ssireum (not SUMO) - YouTube In 1994, the Korean Ssireum Federation proposed the unification of ssireum into a single left-sided style as the official style to be used by all competitors. If an unfair judgment is called or the chief referee is unable to render a decision, the sub referees can request a revocation of the decision or a rematch. Ssireum (Hangul: 씨름)[1] or Korean wrestling is a folk wrestling style and traditional national sport of Korea that began in the fourth century. 66 Favourites. Historically, with the introduction of Chinese culture, there have been other terms for "wrestling" in Korean used alongside ssireum, such as gakjeo (각저:角抵), gakhui (각희:角戱), gakryeok (각력:角力), gakji (각지:角支), chiuhui (치우희:蚩尤戱), sangbak (상박:相撲), jaenggyo (쟁교:爭交). [11] The Grand Squish. This is mostly done by shifting the opponent's weight onto his leg then pushing back his weight toward the floor. Ssireum has remained largely a national/traditional sport. Katara vs Suki_Weight Gain Drive_ROUND 1. weebie3. Ssireum wrestlers seek to turn the opponent's torso from about 45 degrees to 90 degrees when throwing. Ever since Akebono defeated Fedor by flying omoplata, sum has asserted it's dominance in MMA. In the modern form each contestant wears a belt (satba) that wraps around the waist and the thigh. The match is awarded to the wrestler who forces the other contestant to touch the ground with any part of his body at knee level or higher. Judo is jacketed, whereas most other forms of wrestling wear limited or skin-tight outfits. It's a form of wrestling, but the rules and vibe are completely different than Sumo Wrestling, the Japanese counterpart. Let's look at Korea's native martial art called Ssireum. 191 Favourites. As such, in judo a lot of focus is spent on getting a good gri… [7] It is also enlisted as the 131st Intangible Cultural Property. Whether or not you can grip their clothing vastly changes the opportunities for and most efficient means of controlling your opponent. godotowakusy. However, it can also be argued that Ssireum is beginning to undergo global expansion as a popular martial arts sport, alongside taekwondo and hapkido. Following an unprecedented joint application by both South and North Korea, Ssireum was inscribed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. Called ssireum … [10], 1st Asia Ssireum Championship and 5th World Ssireum Championship, which took place simultaneously at Thuwana National Indoor Stadium in Yangon, Myanmar, from September 18 to 23 of 2015. The other answers detail the differences in legal techniques, rules, and scoring and how these explicitly and more subtly influence the style of the sports, but one neglected point is the affect of attire. [4][5], The earliest evidence of ssireum dates back to the Goguryeo period. We look at a match and talk about our feelings about this style of martial arts.Original footage: a comment, press a like, and please send the channel more stuff to watch and analyze. This is how style vs style should be. Unlike sumo, pushing your opponent outside of the ring does not warrant a win, just a restart. 148 likes. Rules ㅇplay on a sand table ㅇlose when -body touch the floor -pushed out of the court Rank system Comparing Ssireum & Sumo Introduction Ho Young & Seung Yeon ㅇtraditional martial art ㅇsatba & mawashi ㅇweight division ㅇround system Skills Ssireum power of pulling Sumo … Buttery-Inkling. Normally, professional ssireum is contested in a best-out-of-three style match. Korean wrestling has been referred to as ssireum since the 1920s[citation needed].

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